Lake O’Hara Fire Road

It has been a number of months since I’ve posted to this blog, mainly because I have hung up my boots, crampons, and snowshoes, and become completely obsessed with cross country skiing. Today’s outing along the Lake O’Hara fire road was so picturesque, I just had to share it. This 23km out-and-back route, which I […]

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Lady Macdonald #2

I set out from my front porch with the lofty goal of reaching the summit ridge of Mount Lady Macdonald. The approach trail was decently trodden until the upper boulder field, however strong winds brought deep snow down the mountain, and eliminated any trace of a trail the remainder of the way up to the […]

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Wind Ridge

I did this outing as a trail run back in July, and quite enjoyed it. There are some detours and route finding involved in the lower section since the 2013 floods, but the terrain is interesting once you begin to gain elevation. The snow keeps pounding the Bow Valley, and this little leg stretcher involved […]

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Chester Lake

I intended to visit Chester Lake back in 2009, but a bear forced a reconsideration of the objective, and I ended up climbing The Fortress instead. I decided to make another attempt now that the bears are sleeping. This was my first time snowshoeing in the Canadian Rockies, and it was hard to believe that […]

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Gibbon Pass and beyond

The phenomenal autumn weather continues to persist in the Rockies, and the dwindling daylight hours lead me to another bike and hike (scramble) this Sunday. This is the ideal time to do bike approaches, as the foot traffic has subsided for the season, and you can let it rip on the downhill without worry of running […]

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Panorama Ridge

It was a rare day for mid-October in the Rockies. Sunny and much warmer than average. Parks Canada closed the Moraine Lake Road on October 13th, so the possibility of cycling up to the lake, and having an iconic Canadian view all to myself was too great to pass up. While I was up there, […]

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Mount Sparrowhawk

Winter has come early to the alpine of the Canadian Rockies. On this Kananaskis outing, the snow line began around 2300 metres, and became persistently more dense until the 3100 metre summit. A cool and grey day in the valley turned into a full fledged whiteout with 80km/h wind near the summit. Hopefully my next […]

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