Mount Indefatigable

On Friday I picked Jessica up at the Banff Centre with the intent of returning that evening to Blairmore.  Her final critiques lasted longer than anticipated, so we ended up spending the night in Banff and hiking in Kananaskis on Saturday.  Indefatigable was a pleasant outing, albeit not private.  We passed as many as 60 […]

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The Fortress

This was my first hike in Kananaskis.  I had planned on completing a loop trip, starting up the Headwall Lakes route and returning via the Chester Lake valley, however an angry grizzly bear in the area forced a trail closure.  I was considering other options, as the possibility of the bear crossing into Headwall valley […]

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Mount Haig

Today I did the early start again, although not quite as early as last time; I wanted to avoid seeing those early morning bears.  My ascent of Mount Haig, the highest peak in the Castle Wilderness, began at the base of Castle Mountain Ski Resort.    Highlights of the day included seeing a large black bear […]

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Mount Tecumseh

In an effort to climb everything in the Crowsnest area before moving on to Banff, I pushed through painful blisters to climb Mount Tecumseh.  It was a pleasant scramble, although the light was bad again for photographs.  The approach was along a road which, like most roads in the area, was marked ‘No Trespassing’.  This […]

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Mount Rowe

This nice weather is killing me!  I can’t bear to take a day off.  The blisters are starting to interfere however; both heels and my right pinky toe.  I couldn’t resist climbing in Waterton again today.  This time it was a quick (around 6 hours round trip) outing up Mount Rowe.  There are two options […]

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Mounts Carthew and Alderson

This was a big day out.  I woke up at 5am and drove down to Waterton (around 1 hour from Blairmore).  I saw two big bucks, a black bear and a grizzly on the trail.  I also climbed two mountains each nearly 2700 M.  The view of Mount Alderson from Carthew’s summit is probably the […]

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