Mount Bourgeau

10 / 10! Followed the popular hiking trail (7.5 km and lots of woods) from the highway to Bourgeau Lake, then continued up to Harvey Pass, took lunch, and plodded up the ridge to the summit of Mount Bourgeau (2931 M).  The conditions were perfect, but the real highlight was meeting Romain, a visitor from France who pushed a bicycle up the first third of the mountain!  He joined in our summit bid, was a strong hiker, and full of great stories.  The view from the top was absolutely spectacular.  We could identify at least 200 major peaks in the rockies.  Thomas (barely) walked away with huge blisters, but loved every minute of it, and was quite impressed.



Looking back over a tarn just below Harvey Pass
Looking out from the ridge, approaching the summit – Beautiful light!
View to the North, Mount Brett in foreground. Still on the ridge
Part of the summit view
Thomas and Romain identify peaks with the topo
Mount Brett again, this time from the top of Bourgeau

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