Bellevue Hill

This was my second go at Bellevue Hill in Waterton.  On the first attempt thunder and lightning sent Jessica and I back before we even gained the ridge.  This was a rest day, and the light was pretty bad, so I took the opportunity to make an illustrated example of a typical easy scramble in the Rockies.  The summit view was nothing spectacular, but it did offer a good view of Mount Galwey, which looks like a giant Art Deco office building, made into a mountain.



This is an overview of the first part of the climb
The base of the initial ascent gully
From the top of the gully
The Crux step, not too difficult, but bad crumbly rock over a not-too-friendly drop
After gaining the upper ridge, I can actually see the ‘summit’. I’ll admit that it was farther away than I thought!
The view from the top
I returned via the next ridge to the West of the summit. It put me back on the road 1.7 km West of my car after a little bushwhacking, but was still much faster and safer than down-climbing the ascent route

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