Mounts Carthew and Alderson

This was a big day out.  I woke up at 5am and drove down to Waterton (around 1 hour from Blairmore).  I saw two big bucks, a black bear and a grizzly on the trail.  I also climbed two mountains each nearly 2700 M.  The view of Mount Alderson from Carthew’s summit is probably the most impressive I have seen in the park.  It was also a Saturday in Waterton, which meant I was not alone – although the early start meant I hiked in on the Carthew-Alderson trail alone, and made it all the way up Alderson before even seeing anyone else.


Oh, and I saw a moose
The route up Alderson. It looks worse than it is, but there are two steps which require minor downclimbing along the way
Another view of Alderson (from Carthew’s ridge later in the day)
Terrain near Alderson’s summit
The route up Carthew (seen from Alderson)

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