Johnston Canyon and the Inkpots

I hiked this trail with my parents when I was young, but somehow confused the place with the ‘devil’s paint pots’ in South Dakota.  I remember the vision of clear, deep pools recessed in the ground with trees growing immediately next to water, and always bugged my family to take me back, to what I […]

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Mount Temple

Temple is the highest I will go for the project, 3543 M (11,624 FT).  This trip was great.  It started at Moraine Lake, and followed the trail to Sentinel Pass, where I have been three times this year, and every time the landscape changes.  Winter feels close, especially on the summit where less than zero […]

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Mount Cascade

After a week of staring at Cascade through my studio window, I decided to head up.  A controlled burn was in progress just South of Banff, so the light was bad for photographs, and the forest slog on the way up to Cascade Amphitheatre killed my motivation, however once on the ridge this was a […]

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Cory and Edith Pass Circuit

This was a great day out, especially since the commute from Banff is only 10 minutes!  I suppose the Cory Pass trail was nothing special, but the view from the pass was great, and the return via Edith Pass was quick and pretty.  Today really began to feel like late fall or even winter; at […]

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Mount Niblock

A classic example of mountain weather forecasting.  Environment Canada predicted +24 and sun, but it turned out to be cloud, snow and around +4.  Nevertheless, this was a great scramble.  As Alan Kane writes, the ‘crux’ really is negotiating the hundreds of hikers on the Lake Agnes trail who are visiting the tea house!  At […]

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Devil’s Thumb

My week has been full of orientation and administration since arrival at The Banff Centre.  Today, I managed to get some minimal wandering in however.  After the daily buffet breakfast, I headed to Lake Louise and joined ‘the masses’ up to Lake Agnes.  Then I scrambled up the promontory known as the Devil’s Thumb.  Around […]

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