Studio Work

With three weeks since my last post here, I figured I had better explain myself.  I have been shooting video, and with my large format camera, therefore not bringing my small digital on trips to the Peyto Glacier, the Upper Victoria Glacier, and an 8 hour performative walk on Tunnel Mountain.  Besides occupying myself with […]

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Arnica and Twin Lakes

It is now full on winter in the Rocky Mountains.  Everything in Banff was covered in snow when I woke up, so I decided to take a hike!  Peaks were out of the question, so I headed up to Kootenay for some lake action.  At the day’s highpoint, around 2300 M, there was about one […]

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Mount Whymper

Mount Whymper, named after Edward Whymper known for the first ascent of The Matterhorn (1865) is located 30 minutes Northwest of Banff in Kootenay Park.  Despite its moderate scramble rating, much of the ascent is on downsloping slabs covered in loose rock, and requires much routefinding.  At two points I found myself far off route, […]

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