Mont Loup Garou

Another day snowshoeing up in the Laurentides served as a much needed break from my computer and the overhauling of my website.  An approaching warm front meant temperatures rising to around 0 celcius by the day’s end.  The first half of the distance covered was via an apparently ‘private’ snowshoe trail which parallels two well-used cross country ski trails.  The second half of the day was spent off trail through generally open forest, making our way over a few more hills, a frozen lake, and back to the car.
Fairly official looking marker for a 'private' trail
Sign in foreground warns snowshoers not to walk in the cross-country ski tracks
.. and this is what happens when you don't heed the warning!
View from the summit of Mont Loup Garou
A feeling of impending disaster..
Crossing frozen Lake Renaud near the end of the day
Mont Saint-Sauveur at night on the way back to Montreal

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