Nuit Noire – Mont Loup-Garou

The original idea was to return to, and snowshoe up Mont Loup Garou (Werewolf en Français) on the night of the full moon.  We happened to mistake the timing, so in fact this night was the new moon – the darkest night of the cycle, and the best time to avoid werewolf encounters.  We took the quick way up, following the official snowshoe trail, then enjoyed a beverage and snacks on top while observing the electric mountains of Saint-Sauveur, Olympia, Habitant and Ski Morin Heights.  On our way down, we bushwhacked a bit, and walked across two frozen lakes and a swamp on our loop back to the car.

Our route - Mont Loup Garou summit on far left
Virtual view from Loup Garou
Getting ready in the parking lot
Starting across the first lake, Lac Matley
Our official logo
Jessica, Jessica, Jason and Ian heading uphill, still a way from the top
Watching the stars from Lac Richer after going over the summit
Still relaxing, happy at having avoided a werewolf attack

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