Some Walks in Death Valley

I spent 6 days, between February 20th and 26th in Las Vegas, and Death Valley National Park; two more disparate places are hardly imaginable.  With only 3 days in the park, I stuck to the must-see’s – mainly short walks and scenic drives, with two moderate hikes thrown in.  The first was a walk from Zabriske Point through the Golden Canyon, and a loop back up the Gower Gulch.  This 11km round-trip takes you through what I found to be the most stunning scenery in the park.  The second trip was up the Mosaic Canyon, near Stove Pipe Wells Village.  Other points of interest included the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, the drive to Panamint Springs and through the Panamint Valley, a walk into the Badwater Basin, and the high point of the trip, 1740m Dante’s View – a spectacular vista high above the Badwater Basin, overseeing almost the entire length of Death Valley.  While in Las Vegas, I found the time to take walks around Valley of the Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon, not to mention surveying the architecture of the strip.

Golden Canyon Hike
Entering the Badwater Basin, the lowest land elevation in North America, 86 metres below sea level
Looking North across the Badwater Basin, up Death Valley
The view towards Death Valley from the hills just West of Zabriske Point
Looking towards the Panamint Range
Our elevation at the low point of the trail, 51 metres below sea level
Looking back at the Panamint Range after entering the Gower Gulch
Dante's View
The Mesquite Flat Dunes; the most vast series of dunes in the park
Mosaic Canyon route up to dry waterfall
Dry waterfall acting as an impasse up the Mosaic Canyon
This is why they call it the Mosaic Canyon
Sunset in the Panamint Valley, looking at 3,454 m Telescope Peak
Red Rock Canyon, outside of Las Vegas
Icebox Canyon, in Red Rock Canyon Park
A full day's walk along the strip
A simulation - Hotel New York New York in Las Vegas
Inside the Luxor, where we spent our last night before flying back to Montréal


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