Virtual Cyclist

Foreseeing the current heat wave in Montreal, I took advantage of the last cool evening and went on a 40 km bike ride.  I tossed the GPS in my packsack and headed through St. Henri and Verdun to the Ice Boom (Estacade) that runs parallel to the Pont Champlain and serves to break ice up in winter.  After crossing to the spit of land separating the St. Laurence from the Seaway shipping channel, I followed it East to the Victoria Bridge and made a lap of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (the Grand Prix racetrack), before crossing the Pont de la Concorde and taking the Lachine Canal home to NDG.  I did not bring a camera on the ride, so I cannot take credit for any of the pictures below.

My route
The Estacade (Ice Boom) running from Nun's Island to the St. Laurence Seaway
Aerial photo of the Ice Boom running parallel to the Pont Champlain
Old map of the Peel Basin, along the Lachine Canal
Aerial photo showing the section from the Pont de la Concorde (right) through the Peel Basin and along the Lachine Canal

3 thoughts on “Virtual Cyclist

  1. Hey Andreas,
    These GPS drawings that you do kind of make me think of the Nazca lines- especially the top picture in the post. I think the walk you did around Tunnel was one of my favourite pieces that you did in Banff. Cool.
    Don’t melt over there in Montreal, eh.

    1. Hey Sarah,

      I want to see the Nazca lines one day; have you been? Our friends took an airplane tour of them a few years ago.

      I have proposed a reincarnation of the Tunnel Walk for the next Montreal Nuit Blanche using Mount Royal. I’ll have to tell you more about it if I get the gig.

      I’m laying low in my air-conditioned cave; I hate the heat! Nice to see you in Van the other week, how was Squamish climbing?


  2. Hey Andreas,

    I haven’t seen the Nazca lines but would love to check them out some day as well. I hope the Nuit Blanche project comes through- good one! Would you have a live feed somewhere tracking your progress or would you present the finished map later?

    Squamish was wonderful, beautiful, fun. Only one day of climbing (it rained the second day) but it was great. The rock there is so nice- no choss (unlike the Rockies).

    Fun to see you in Vancouver as well. Say hi to Jessica for me!

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