No Views from the Top

Spent the last week in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We were staying just North of the town of Jackson, very close to the Presidential Range, and had planned on a number of higher elevation summits.  Slide Peak, Boott Spur, Mt Pierce and Mt Field were all on the roster.  Consistent mid-intensity winds and snow in the high peaks changed things however.  The first day out we climbed Slide Peak (also shown as Gulf Peak on certain maps) in total whiteout conditions above 3500 ft.  The next day we had Mt Field in mind, but checking the forecast at the Crawford Notch AMC Highlands Center changed matters.  Wind-chill nearing -30ºC lead us to Frankenstein Cliff and Arethusa Falls.  The following day was even snowier, and a two-hour romp around Libeskind’s Loop and up to Lila’s Ledge in Pinkham Notch is all that was accomplished.  The Cherry Mountain Trail to Mount Martha was next on the agenda, and this proved to be the snowiest of all; as a matter of fact, this was the only day that warranted snowshoes, otherwise we were using Microspikes (mini-crampons).  On the final day, we went up the Northern branch of the Imp Trail, and the weather looked much clearer.  Above 3000 ft. however we saw nothing, and found ourselves again in the clouds.  In the end, the forest was beautiful and the exercise was appreciated.

An overview of all of our routes in the past week
The route up Slide Peak (4806 ft.)
Slide's ridge just below the Glen Boulder
Glen Boulder from the South
Glen Boulder from the North
Whiteout conditions above 3500 ft.
The summit of Slide Peak
Enjoying the view into the Gulf of Slides on the way back down
The route up Frankenstein Cliff, to Arethusa Falls and back (counter-clockwise)
Trestle along the way, Mount Washington in the background
Good ice climbing along the base of the cliff
Icy trail conditions - note the yellow trail marker under the ice
Looking South along Crawford Notch
Arethusa Falls
The mountain rescue toilet - I mean, 'service'
Could use a renovation
Libeskind's Loop - Lila's Ledge Route
Painting a blue blaze with my jacket
Brad's Bluff - need I say more?
Looking North along Pinkham Notch
Me in Pinkham Notch
Mount Martha Route
Summit of Mount Martha - incredible Presidential views!
Enjoying a soup in the snow
Imp Trail Route
Another amazing view
and another ..
This was the best view of the day

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