Parc de Doncaster Detour

It was our first time of 2011 snowshoeing up in the Laurentians.  Biggest challenge of the day?  Convincing the staff at tiny Parc de Doncaster that we would be o.k. leaving the park boundary without their official trail map, and not to arrange a search party if our car was still in the parking lot after 5pm.  We ended up doing a 13.5km loop around and across five lakes, taking some healthy breaks in pleasant spots and enjoying the sun.  Joining the trip today was our new friend, author Monique Polak.  You can read her account of the day on Monique’s Blog.  Snow conditions were hard-packed, and will hopefully improve following tomorrow’s expected dump of 10cm.

Our route started and finished in the lower right - merci Google Earth
Snapping a picture along the Rivière Doncaster
Just a bunch of tourists, following the trail
Of course it is not 'fermé', how can a trail be closed?
30 minutes later (and having crossed some sketchy ice spots) we pick up the famous Jackrabbit Johannsen trail
We branch off of the Johannsen trail to visit our first lake, Lac Beaudria
Our third lake, Lac Quevillon
We were four people, crossing Lac Purvis
A group shot on Lac Long, our final lake of the day
Beaver swamp
The moon rising over Lac Long

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