Monts Sutton

Montréal has had some decent snowfall recently.  The Laurentians have missed out, receiving on average 1/3 the amount as the Montréal region.  Where the serious powder is hiding however is in the Eastern Townships (Mont Sutton has had over four meters of snow so far this season; 85cm of it in the past week).  So Friday the destination was the fabulous Parc d’Environnement Naturel de Sutton (or PENS for short).  We got off to an afternoon start, so we threw the headlamps in the pack and spent the last two hours (from Lac Mohawk back to the car) in complete darkness.

The route begins on the left and over Mont Round Top, then down to Lac Mohawk and cutting across Mont Sutton ski hill back to the car
If the snow wasn't deep enough at the base of the mountain, it gained depth the higher we went. This is around 780M.
Trees caked in snow near the summit of Round Top
Looking into Vermont from the summit of Round Top
A wonderful sunset.
The trees took on a more sinister appearance after dark

2 thoughts on “Monts Sutton

    1. I thought they were monsters at first too! But then they turned out to just be trees..
      When we came back to the car at the end of the night, there were other people around our car with headlamps. We thought that it was a search party, going out to look for us (this happened to me once while I was sleeping in my car up in Mont Tremblant). It turned out to be a group of around 15 people just setting out on a night snowshoe! We felt like sissies for not staying out later!

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