Mont St. Hilaire

A popular but favourite spot to many Montrealers is nearby Mont St. Hilaire.  Ridiculously popular on autumn long weekends, it is an especially pleasant hill to go walking around during the shoulder season and on weekdays (or even in the rain, as I have done a few times).  Only 45 minutes from Montreal, it offers mixed forest, a lake, and three viewpoints (sommets) from which to survey the Richelieu River valley, other surrounding hills of the Eastern Townships, and the city of Montreal.

Our route to the summit of 'Rocky'
Already from the parking lot, there was more snow than we had anticipated
From the summit of 'Rocky', looking over the summit 'Dieppe'
Playmobil suburbs through the trees

3 thoughts on “Mont St. Hilaire

  1. You can almost see my house in the playmobil shot. Did you stop at the cabosse d’or on your way to the top? It is the best chocolate place in Canada!!!

  2. Is there only access via that parking lot? Given that Mt St Hilaire has a train station, it would seem ironic that there is no access to the nature reserve other than by car.

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