Mount Pierce

I’m a prairie boy from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Part of the reason I am so fascinated with topography is that where I spent the first twenty-three years of my life, there is very little of it. When my family recently visited Montréal, we decided to rent a house in New Hampshire, and appreciate the joys of the mountains together. Unfortunately there was a bit more snow on the trail than we had hoped for, but the weather was more amicable than I have ever seen in the Presidential Range.

Our route followed the Crawford Path to the summit of Mount Pierce, and did a lollipop loop past the Mizpah Spring Hut
The map in the parking lot (just North of Crawford Notch)
Plaque honouring the history of the Crawford Path
A snowy ascent along the Crawford Path
View towards Mount Washington from Mount Pierce
Wringing out wet socks after post-holing into a stream
Suntanning staff "prepare for the season" at the Mizpah Spring Hut

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