I’m currently in the midst of satisfying a curiosity with the entire region surrounding the old Soulanges canal, West of the island of Montréal, between Pointe-des-Cascades and Les Coteaux. This zone is amazing for its cycling possibilities. On this outing, I parked along the Soulanges canal, riding a few kilometers past the old power station at Les Cedres, along the  Digue Coteau 4 and across three power dams into the town of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. From Valleyfield, I continued to stretch my legs along the Saint-Lawrence Seaway to the first bridge on its Beauharnois canal. Running out of light, I had to turn around, but a new world of exploration has opened up to me now!

The route
Piste cyclable over the first dam
First dam from the side
Another dam
Is this Russia or Valleyfield?
Bridge over the Beauharnois canal
Open sesame!
A dam fine view on the way back to the Soulanges canal
Lush spring foliage along the digue coteau 4

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