Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon

One of the places that I was most excited about in the Yukon Territory was Tombstone Territorial Park, just a short drive along the Dempster Highway out of Dawson City.  Our initial plan was to backpack in to Grizzly Lake, undeniably the park’s most popular location, and spend two or three nights camping at backcountry sites (there are sites at Grizzly Lake, as well as Divide Lake and Talus Lake), thereby making a small circuit of the Tombstone Range, and doing some scrambling along the way to attain good views. The long winter and delayed spring put a stop to this plan however, as the backcountry sites remained closed due to persistent snow and fragile terrain conditions due to saturated soil. So instead we decided to take a day-hike along the Grizzly Lake trail. There were storm systems bringing high wind, rain and even a bit of snow coming in and out of the valley all day.

Our route finished just beyond the highpoint of the trail, and we decided not to continue down to Grizzly Lake
Even the ptarmigan showed signs of a delayed spring
Working our way up to the ridge
Looking back towards the Dempster from the ridge
Mount Monolith and part of the Tombstone Range
Me and the Chamonix
Nearing the highpoint of the trail
A snow squall hits us on the way back

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