Montréal to Dawson City, Yukon

Well this is a first for me; I have been too immersed in travelling to actively maintain the Virtual Hiker blog for months. I have been on the move practically every day since the end of May. At this point I will begin retroactive postings covering my travels around Yukon and Alaska, as well as my late July and early August travels around Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

On May 30th we left Montréal and drove to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan, arriving the next night in my hometown, Winnipeg, Manitoba where we prepared for the long journey ahead to Dawson City, Yukon. The trajectory from Winnipeg went through Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, then Edmonton and Grande Prairie, Alberta before hitting Dawson Creek, British Columbia and the start of the Alaska Highway. After Dawson Creek, we hit a real gem, the Liard River Hotsprings, before crossing into and out of Yukon Territory and finally arriving in the capital, Whitehorse. There we spent two nights at the Robert Service Campground, an interesting little sociological experiment, and then drove the final six hours to Dawson City, which would be our home for the coming week.

Packing the snacks in Winnipeg
Beautiful prairie skies from the David Laird Campground
Stone Mountain Provincial Park, British Columbia
Fabulous Liard River Hotsprings
Downtown Whitehorse
Log cabin skyscraper
Parks Canada's S.S. Klondike
Whitehorse from above
Canyon City ruins near Miles Canyon
Canyon City townsite map
The Yukon River
Miles Canyon
Leaving Whitehorse we continue in the path of the stampeders to Five Finger Rapids
Dredge tailings on the outskirts of Dawson City
The historic Yukon Hotel in Dawson City
St Andrews Church, Dawson City
Gold Dredge #4, a National Historic Site of Canada
Onboard Gold Dredge #4
The dredge bucket line. Note the full-sized wheelbarrow for a sense of scale!
Bonanza Creek
Placer mining stake for the Klondike Visitors Association claim along Bonanza Creek
Dawson City as seen from the top of The Dome in the late evening (around 11pm)
The S.S. Keno and Dänojà Zho cultural centre in Dawson City seen from The Dome
Dawson City along the mighty Yukon River

One thought on “Montréal to Dawson City, Yukon

  1. we did the exact same thing that you did except we didn’t go camping or hiking. we have almost the same’s totally unbelievable.

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