White Mountains of New Hampshire 2011

We spent a week in a chalet in the White Mountains of New Hampshire between Christmas and New Years. The weather (freezing rain, and eventually just rain) discouraged hiking on the bigger peaks, so Mount Chocorua was the most ambitious summit of the trip. We mainly stuck to valleys and notches; hiking into the Greeley Ponds and up to Nancy Pond were the highlights. Hopefully winter shapes up in the Whites in 2012, so that we have another opportunity at bagging some peaks in the snow in February or March. Have a great start to the new year everyone!

The route up Chocorua (Piper Trail)
Approaching Chocorua’s summit ridge, this was the best snow we had during the week!
Magnificent view of the Presidential Range from Chocorua’s summit
It is a wonderful craggy peak, but beware of the ice
Our next outing was the Boulder Loop trail off of the Kancamagus Highway
The forest had some icing sugar on it near the bluffs
Heading down
The afternoon of our third day was spent adjacent to North Conway Village on the White Horse & Cathedral Ledges
The crux (hee hee)
Enjoying the view of North Conway from White Horse Ledge
A short walk into the Greeley Ponds trail is wonderful in winter
The outlet of the lower pond
Looking North from the lower pond
A stop at Sabbaday Falls is always a treat in winter, especially with digital tilt-shift!
Our final hike was up to Nancy Pond, just South of Crawford Notch
This is the cascade along the Nancy Brook, just before the uphill battle begins
We made it up to Nancy Pond just in time for the sun to duck behind the trees

One thought on “White Mountains of New Hampshire 2011

  1. This is a great post! We love the maps and the pictures are spectacular. Hopefully the weather improves soon, we would love to see your take on some of the 4,000’s!
    Thanks for sharing and happy hiking,
    -Katie and Colin

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