Québec – Vermont Border

I’m gearing up to begin a cross-Canada investigation of the international boundary that separates us from the United States this summer. My interest in the subject began when I was invited to participate in the exhibit Project Stanstead, or how to Cross the Border at the Foreman Art Gallery last year. There are a number of idiosyncratic features along the Québec boundary. With good weather, I decided to check a few of them out in the Eastern Townships.

A section of my route. GPS track in pink, international boundary in yellow
Chemin de la Frontière just outside of Abercorn, Québec becomes the de facto boundary for around a half of a kilometer.
The East Richford Cemetery, in East Richford, Vermont sits smack in the middle of the boundary cutline. E Richford Slide Road that takes you to the cemetery crosses back into Canada for roughly 100 meters, before dipping back into the US.
Boundary marker #603A enjoys a fantastic view of the Green Mountains, including Jay Peak
This monument in Eccles Hill, Québec commemorates the 1870 defeat of the attempted Fenian invasion of Canada.
Raising awareness on the impending closure of the Morses Line crossing, slated to occur sometime in 2012.

4 thoughts on “Québec – Vermont Border

  1. Thank you for sharing!! Very interesting. Can one just drive down the road in East Richford without any troubles?You’re encouraging me to do the same with a bunch of pictures I have from the Maine border. There is a road where they keep arresting people who accidentally enter the US. Thanks again!

    1. There is a border crossing station in East Richford, however the Canadian side is only open until 4pm daily. If you try entering Canada after 4pm, you will have to report back to US Customs, and then drive over to one of two nearby 24-hour crossings.

  2. In the east richford, I would like to know if there’s two sides after leaving the Canadian crossings, would I find an American patrol not to far or I could continue to drive into the US?

    1. I’m not sure if I fully understand the question. The East Richford Slide Rd originates and ends in the US, passing briefly into Canada, there is no crossing on this road. If you are referring to Town HWY 39 / Chemin Cushion, I have not been down this road, only down Glen Valley Rd to the crossing there. I would imagine that you would quickly encounter US Border Patrol if you drove south down Chemin Cushion into the US, since the road terminates directly in front of the US Customs station!

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