Richelieu and Cornwall Border Regions

The border regions along the Richelieu River (left), and Lake Champlain (right). The centre of the river also divides Vermont and New York States
An abandoned US crossing station on Rang Saint André, East of the Bernard Lacolle crossing
This tree stump marks the border along the Eastern banks of the Richelieu
My travels through the frontier region of Akwesasne, Québec, Ontario, and New York State
Monument to the 45th parallel, off of the Long Sault Parkway, just West of Cornwall, Ontario
Looking South from Cornwall Island, Akwesasne Mohawk land. The sign on the left is demanding the removal of constable Biron of the Mohawk Police, who was nominated for a medal of bravery, despite his involvement in a deadly car chase involving the deaths of two innocent people from upstate New York
The boundary in Akwesasne and Snye is marked less visibly by granite monuments, and more by the division of ‘Stop’ signs in New York, and ‘Tésta’n’ signs in Québec
Many members of the Mohawk communities identify more as being part of the Mohawk Nation. I spoke with people in Akwesasne who had houses on both sides of the boundary

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