Mount Tremont + Mount Osceola

I went down to New Hampshire for two nights to take advantage of the new cross-border duty free limits, and of course, went up a few mountains. For June 6th, I picked Mount Tremont. While not very tall, Tremont affords a wonderful view of the Sawyer Pond scenic area, and is a good leg stretcher with 2600 ft of elevation gain compressed into just over 2.5 miles. On June 7th, I drove down Tripoli Road, which is typically closed in winter and is somewhat out of the way, to take advantage of the high elevation trailhead to Mount Osceola. There were storms to the East, West, and South, but the trail and summit were dry and often sunny from the ascent to the descent.

The route up Mount Tremont. Note the switchbacks; it is a nice stiff hike near the summit!
The view opens up around half an hour before reaching the top
Looking at Sawyer Pond and its environs from the summit of Mount Tremont
A nice toad on the descent. He was quite large, around the size of a large apple
The Stony Brook was swollen after many days of rain in the White Mountains
GPS track of the trail up Mount Osceola from the Tripoli Road trailhead
Looking over East Osceola from the summit of Mount Osceola
Looking into the Waterville Valley from the top

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