Mount St Piran

After checking in at the Banff Centre on July 1st, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to assess the mountain conditions, so we headed up the diminutive Mount St Piran in the Lake Louise group for a good view. The summer is around one month behind in the Rockies this year, so the snow lingers, and continues, even in mid-July, to pose avalanche danger in certain areas. The switchbacks along the upper portion of the St Piran route were snow covered, but not dangerous (although we did run into a group of four on our way down that may have thought otherwise!).

The route, which is mainly a hike, follows the super-highway towards the Little Beehive, then veers off and up switchbacks to the summit of St Piran
Looking at the upper portion of the route, just above treeline
Snow-covered switchbacks
Mounts Whyte (left) and Niblock (right) from Piran’s summit
Looking down on Lake Louise, the chateau is barely a spec. Mount Fairview is to the right of the frame
Fairview, Temple, Aberdeen, the Mitre and Lefroy in the background. The Devil’s Thumb and Mount Whyte’s ridge in the middle. Lake Agnes and the snowy switchbacks to the Big Beehive in the foreground.

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