Sentinel Pass (revisited)

My family came in to Banff for the night from Winnipeg, Calgary and Victoria, and we took the opportunity to revisit what is possibly my favourite hike in the Rockies. Sentinel Pass is sure to wow anyone who has not spent a load of time in the mountains, and even tends to wow those that have. After surmounting the pass, we enjoyed a lovely glissade down steep snow slopes on our way back to Minestimma Lakes below.

Sentinel Pass sits between Mounts Temple (shown here) and Pinnacle (out of frame to the left)
Looking at the switchbacks that lead to Sentinel Pass
Detail of hikers going through the switchbacks
Minestimma Lakes, still frozen, replete with Japanese tourists
Valley of the Ten Peaks from Sentinel Pass
Looking over the North side of the pass towards the Sentinel and Mount Lefroy

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