The Iceline – take two

If there is one trail that is worth hiking again and again in the Rockies, it would have to be Yoho’s Iceline. I was even more impressed this time around, and the views for the minimal effort just cannot be beat. In 2009, I hiked the trail to the highpoint, and then out the same way ( On this hike, I went to the highpoint, then returned via the meadows below the Iceline bench and Celeste Lake, which I would recommend as a slightly longer route that takes you through more varied terrain.

The route – ascending on the left, and returning via the valley on the right
Coming out of the trees on the Iceline bench
Emerald Glacier
Looking south on the Iceline
We were not alone on this day
Looking down the Yoho Valley; our descent route took us through the lush meadows in the mid-ground
Hikers crossing a snow patch along the North end of the Iceline
Tiny hikers beneath the President Range
Periodic showers made for dramatic light

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