Heart Mountain

Weather forecasting is a subtle art in the mountains; often it is incorrect. While the forecast for this day called for 10-15mm of precipitation, with the chance of a thunderstorm in the late afternoon, it turned out to be quite wonderful. After a morning of work in the studio, I decided to make the quick drive to Canmore for the quick ascent of Heart Mountain. I was pleasantly surprised with this route. It begins with views almost immediately along the ridge, some good scrambling along open slabs, one quick moderately technical move through a rockband, and a gorgeous ridge walk to two higher summits, before completing the loop back to the car down an adjacent ridge. What more could you ask for?

Ascent up the right ridge, descent down the left
Heart Mountain from a clearing near the parking lot at the Heart Creek day use area
I suppose that proximity to Calgary, Canmore and the highway lead to a number of hikers out of their element making attempts on this peak
The view looking South from the first peak
Looking South from the second, highest peak
After dropping down slightly from the highpoint, the view to the West shows the excellent ridge walk between the first peak (out of frame to the right) and the descent route
Looking down the descent ridge, Lac des Arcs to the left side of the frame

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