Wenkchemna Pass

To follow up on my post for Heart Mountain on August 7th, the forecast for today was ‘sunny, becoming cloudy in the afternoon with a 30% chance of showers in the late afternoon, and early evening’. In actuality it was cloudy and dark as the inside of a cow when we left the parking lot in the morning. As the Moraine area trails restriction is still in effect (minimum group of 4 persons), we teamed up with a couple from Brazil heading for Eiffel Lake. Upon reaching Eiffel Lake, the sky opened up and lighting struck Mount Fay, just across the valley. We retreated to tree line and had a snack, then it cleared, so we made a break for the pass. Fantastic light greeted us from the pass, followed by another thunderstorm on the way down. Overall it was a success, and was great hiking with these amazing Brazilian explorers.

The route
The view towards Wenkchemna Pass, taken just above Eiffel Lake
Looking up at Wenkchemna Peak
The Valley of the Ten Peaks
Wenkchemna Pass, 2611 metres
View from the pass, including Mount Temple, Eiffel Peak, and a number of the Ten Peaks
Opabin Pass, gateway to Lake O’Hara (I prefer the bus)
West ridge of Mount Neptuak up close

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