Bow Peak

This one has been on my list since I began hiking in the Rockies back in 2006. I initially heard about it from a friend that was working at the nearby Num-Ti-Jah Lodge, and then through Kathy & Craig Copeland’s ‘Don’t Waste your Time in the Canadian Rockies’ guidebook. While there is no official trailhead, the path is easy to pick up following the directions from the guidebook. The ascent to the peak from the pass over large boulders is not to be underestimated; while this is an easy scramble, it certainly would qualify as a taxing hike.

The route begins just South of the Crowfoot Glacier viewpoint, fords the Bow River at Bow Lake, and continues up to Crowfoot Pass
Bow Peak as seen from the Icefields Parkway
Fording the Bow River was a bit cold in the morning, but refreshing after the hike on the way back to the car. Don’t forget your sandals!
The view to the North from Crowfoot Pass. A surprisingly beautiful pass indeed
After angling across large boulders from the pass, a pleasant scramble along a ridge leads to the summit
Summit view to the North. Bow Lake and a lot of mountains including Cirque Peak, and the pronouncedly pointy Mt Chephren are visible
Summit view to the South. We could see all the way to Mt Assiniboine. Mt Hector is the glaciated one in the middle of the frame
Over to the West are Mt Balfour and friends
A great view of Dolomite Peak taken on the descent

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