Fatigue Mountain via Citadel Pass

This is the summer of excess. Beginning with a four day trip into the cushy Lake O’Hara campground, it was time to drop some coin on another bus that would take us onto the edge of the alpine. The Sunshine shuttle will whisk you up 6km to the Sunshine Village trailheads for a not so modest $25 return price tag. While it is a bit more money than I would like to part with for such a short drive, it is well worth skipping the 12km of extra mileage through the woods. With the money spent, I decided to suck all I could out of the trip, going up on the day’s first 8am shuttle, hiking out to Citadel Pass, and then scrambling up Fatigue Mountain before (barely) catching the 5:30pm last shuttle down. Round trip distance was something in the order of 25km with around 1000m elevation gain / loss / regain. Can’t wait to do it all again (except for the scramble) next week, when I head into Assiniboine for three nights!

The ski runs of Sunshine can be seen on the left where we begin. Fatigue Mountain is on the right, and Citadel Pass is the col just to the right of the peak
Rock Isle Lake at 9am
View from Quartz Hill (or the pass nearby to be specific). This is just before dropping down to reach Howard Douglas Lake
Wandering through meadows en route to Citadel Pass
The wildflowers were out in full effect. Loads of Red Indian Paintbrush
A detail of the wildflowers
One more flower. Brewster Rock is in the background (can you tell?)
Reaching the summit of Fatigue Mountain is a scree slog, but it only took two hours round trip. This is the view to the East (Sundance Range)
Looking South towards Assiniboine would have been more impressive without the haze
Citadel Peak (left) and the wonderful meadows from the descent

2 thoughts on “Fatigue Mountain via Citadel Pass

  1. Hi ! tks for your very informative blog !

    Two questions: how do you produce maps with tracks showing your trail ? And about Opabin pass from Wenkchemma, did you try it in the past? (BTW: I took the bus at Ohara too, but just wondering…)

    1. The maps that I put up are just screen shots from Google Earth. I convert the GPX track into a KML using GPS Babel, and that is all there is to it! I have looked at the possibility of traversing from Wenkchemna Pass over to Opabin and then down into the Lake O’Hara area, but the terrain between the two passes does not really appeal. Plus you are then stuck with a car shuttle situation. It would certainly be a possible outing though, linking together two of the most scenic areas in the Rockies!

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