Mount Tyrwhitt

I spent a few days in Waterton Lakes National Park shooting for my border project, and on the way back to Banff, decided to take advantage of the lovely weather, and scramble up Mt Tyrwhitt in the Highwood Pass. Tyrwhitt was supposed to be a moderate scramble of 4.5 – 6 hours, with a simple, high elevation approach. I don’t know how I did it in retrospect, but I ended up going up the wrong ridge from the woods, and was faced with a much longer ascent across a gnarly ridge rather than beginning the scramble from Grizzly Pass. While it looked intimidating from the highway side, the ridge was actually quite pleasant, and offered a magnificent loop trip overall (this route is actually described in Kane’s ‘Scrambles’ book, although as an extension after attaining the summit of Tyrwhitt). I forgot my helmet back in Banff incidentally, and would NOT have gone up Tyrwhitt had there been others on the route without it! The loose scree made for some spectacular rockfall, no matter how careful I was. I would highly suggest bringing a helmet on this one.

My improvised route branched out to the left and across the ridge before returning via Grizzly Pass at the far right
The main parking area at Highwood Pass from the ‘wrong’ ridge
The imposing looking ridge from below
From the upper sections of this ridge, I had great views of the Paradise Valley
Looking across my impending ridge traverse, Mt Tyrwhitt is in the distance (lighter limestone)
Once at the far end of this ridge, I had a better view of my objective. Grizzly Pass is in the lower-left
View from Tyrwhitt’s summit, looking North
.. and looking South

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