Mount Assiniboine Region

We finished out our 2012 Rocky Mountain season with a four-day backpack trip into the Mount Assiniboine region. We started and ended at Sunshine Village, hiking through Citadel Pass and back. The first day from Sunshine to Og Lake was long and rough, but we met a few ardent souls at Lake Magog the next day who went all the way from Sunshine to Magog in a single push. Not bad if you have your pack flown in to the lodge, and do this with a day pack, but with a full pack.. no thanks! We were subject to a fantastically terrifying lightening storm at Og Lake. For two hours, bolts were being hurled out of the sky at us, above tree line, with only one other group in a tent, the tallest points sticking out above the alpine brush. On day two, the weather was much more cooperative, while we hiked to Lake Magog and set up our tent, then hiked up to Nub Peak. On the third day, we broke camp and left our backpacks at the Naiset Huts, then romped up and over Wonder Pass with just snacks and water, before descending, picking up our packs again, and hiking out to Porcupine Campground. Day four we hiked back out to Sunshine Village in time for the 2:30pm bus, and were sipping beer on the terrace back in Banff by 4pm.

Our route for day 1. In the order of 23km from Sunshine Village to Og Lake
The tent, Og Lake, and Assiniboine in the background
Final moments of calm before the storm
Day 2. From Og Lake to Lake Magog and a day trip to Nub Peak
Surveying the territory from just above the Nublet
Looking across alpine meadows from the summit of Nub Peak
Part way down the ridge of Nub Peak. Mount Assiniboine looms in the background
One final image from the descent of Nub Peak
Mount Assiniboine, glowing in the evening light from the Magog Campground
On day 3 we day tripped up to Wonder Pass, then put the packs back on and headed out to Porcupine Campground
In front of Assiniboine and Lake Magog in the morning light
Assiniboine and Lake Magog
Wonder Pass, looking due North
From the viewpoint beyond Wonder Pass
On day 4 we just packed it out

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