Three days in the White Mountains

A minor injury has kept me from my normal amount of snowshoeing and hiking this winter, but I have been spending more time in the climbing gym to make up for it. This week however I drove down to New Hampshire for two nights, and ticked off a few more trails in the White Mountains. On Monday the temperatures were very low, with high winds (I heard the wind reached 130 MPH on the summit of Mt Washington this day) so Mount Avalon in the Crawford Notch was the destination. Originally I had anticipated continuing further along to Mt Field, however the trail connecting it to Mt Avalon was unbroken, and the snow was waist deep, with the snowshoes left in the car (only had the Micro Spikes on the feet) this forced a retreat. Originally the forecast for day two included mixed precipitation, however conditions were revised by Tuesday morning, and looked promising, so Boott Spur, a 5500 ft sub-peak of Mount Washington was the destination. It was a slog to the top, breaking trail through the aftermath of the previous day’s storm, however the views were well worth the effort. Finally, on day three the weather was unsettled all around the North Conway area, but South and Middle Moat Mountain were in the relative clear, so a four hour up and down was an order. Overall we were lucky with the weather, as things could have been much worse, and a few visitors on Mount Avalon aside, the trails were completely unoccupied.

The route up Mount Avalon, at the edge of Crawford Notch
The route up Mount Avalon, at the edge of Crawford Notch
Looking South from Mt Avalon, down through Crawford Notch
The Mount Washington massif
Crawford Depot at the summit of the notch
Boott Spur route, departing from the Pinkham Notch visitor centre
Mount Washington massif with Huntington Ravine to the right, and Lion Head to the far left
Lion Head (dark peak on the right) and Tuckerman Ravine
Above tree line on the way up Boott Spur. Wildcat Mountain ski resort in the background
Tuckerman Ravine, Mount Washington, and Lion Head (just to the right of my own head)
The final push, crossing a very windy snow slope, below the summit of Boott Spur
Taking refuge behind a cairn covered with hoar frost
The Davis Path leading to the summit of Mount Washington
“The first creature we encountered tried to communicate something to us”
South and Middle Moat Mountain route from Dugway Road
Leaving the cabin in the morning
Mount Chocorua in the snow, in the distance to the right of centre
Beautiful sun on the way up the South ridge
Looking towards North Moat Mountain from the summit of Middle Moat


One thought on “Three days in the White Mountains

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