Mont Singer

Mont Singer, or Mont Signer, depending on what map you are looking at, is an 810 metre mountain in the Réserve naturelle des Montagnes-Vertes. It was my first time hiking in this specific region, as I usually favour nearby Mont Sutton. Access to the trail is south of Mansonville, following Chemin West Hill, to Chemin Ruiter Brook to the trailhead. Starting the 14.5km hike at 1pm meant that the last 45 minutes returning to the car were in the dark at this time of year, but that added to the excitement. We didn’t see a single other person on the trail throughout the entire day; a pleasant juxtaposition to the hiking paths at Sutton PENS.

There were some discrepancies between what the GPS watch and the trail signage suggested. Garmin claims we hiked 14.95 kilometers, with 690m elevation gain in 4 hours and 38 minutes
Our route followed the Sommets (Sud) trail up, crossing the summit ridge, and following the Sommets (Nord) trail down. It was a great loop.
The sign at the trailhead claims the hike is 14.2km with 528m elevation gain, and will take around 6 hours plus breaks
Along the Sommets (Sud) trail nearing the point where one gains the top of the ridge
The hiker dropped something
Nearing the first outlook after joining up with the Sentiers de l’Estrie
The best view along the hike
The next outlook after departing the Sentiers de l’Estrie and making our way down the Sommets (Nord) trail


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