Sentier du Cerf (Parc National du Mont-Orford)

This was my first time snowshoeing in the Mont Orford area. After a white-knuckle drive on slick roads to the trailhead from Montreal, I was ready to leave the car behind and take a winter hike. We opted for Microspikes rather than bringing snowshoes in the end, partially based on beta given by the parking attendant. This was generally a good decision, however there were a few spots where snowshoes would have been useful along the trail. Parking at Le Cerisier, we followed the Sentier du Pékan (detouring up the Colline de la Serpentine) and then looping clockwise along the Sentier du Cerf, stopping at a number of scenic viewpoints along the way, and admiring the lack of view due to the continuous snowfall. A brief detour at the end through the Sentier du Coyote provided a charming ending to a good day hike.

We completed the loop in a clockwise direction, following Étang Cerise to the Sentier du Cerf. The small loop to the lower-right is the Sentier du Coyote.
The Centre de services Le Cerisier was a hive of activity
‘Could that be Étang de la Cuvette’?
It is Étang de la Cuvette!
View from another small outcrop above the South end of Étang de la Cuvette
Temperatures were much warmer today (-8ºC) than over the past five days
A small island in Étang aux Cerises


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