Snowshoeing in Morin Heights

To kick off the 2014 spring break week, I headed up to Morin Heights with my friend Jean-François for a mainly off trail snowshoe. We parked at the Corridor Aérobique and paid the $9 daily snowshoe fee, then travelled in a southeasterly direction across Lac Écho, continued south along its outlet stream (frozen), and eventually looped back to the north over a big hill and back to the parking lot via Lac Lefebvre and Lac Rockcliff. A beautiful sunny day out, with a cold wind that kept us moving! Our loop covered 10.13km in just under 5.5 hours (bear in mind that we were breaking trail all day!) Thanks JF for the photos!

From the parking area (lower left) we moved in a clockwise direction over Lac Écho, completing the day by walking across a frozen Lac Rockcliff
A frozen marsh on the edge of Lac Écho
Reading the map and planning our route
Somewhere along the outlet of Lac Écho, moving south
Stopping for a snack on Lac Lefebvre


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