Kinsman Pond

Spring break 2014 continued with a two night trip down to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. On the first day, we had our minds set on summiting North, and possibly also South Kinsman mountains, in the Franconia Notch. They had been on our list for a while now, but the weather disrupted our plans, with heavy snow and driving wind allowing us to go no further than Kinsman Pond. The pond is a worthwhile destination in itself. Set at the craggy base of North Kinsman mountain, it is a beautifully rugged body of water perched high above the Franconia Notch. A spectacular shelter allowed us to escape the wind and snow, and eat our soup in peace.

North Kinsman is the bump just to the lower left of Kinsman Pond. South Kinsman is a higher summit out of the lower frame
Arriving at Lonesome Lake
Crossing Lonesome Lake (winter shortcut)
Standing in the middle of the lake, the snow began to gain intensity at this point
Beyond Lonesome Lake the snow was deep and powdery; what a great trail!
Arriving at Kinsman Pond, the photo does not reveal the driving wind!
Taking the snowshoes off and stretching out the legs in the Kinsman Pond Shelter


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