Goldensides – Tombstone Territorial Park

After two weeks on the Chilkoot Trail, we picked up a rental car in Whitehorse and did some hiking and backpacking in Tombstone Territorial Park. Tombstone is becoming quite popular, and backcountry reservations are easier than ever to obtain as you can book online. While the online reservation system is great, a lot of people book but don’t bother showing up, since the cost is a mere $12 and refunds are only available if you cancel three weeks ahead of time. We hoped to get a walk on spot for the 7th, but ended up spending the night in the roadside campground (which is quite spectacularly situated alongside the Dempster Highway, at the head of the North Klondike Valley). This campground is also located near the start of the Goldensides hike. One of only a few designated and maintained trails in the park, Goldensides leaves you at a nice vantage, but to get the truly great view you need to pick your way up a loose talus slope to the summit. The entire trip was around 3 hours return.

00_Goldensides GE
The Goldensides trail and summit. The trailhead is a short drive off of the Dempster Highway at the site of a communications tower
Welcoming committee
Tombstone Range and the North Klondike Valley from the summit of Goldensides
Looking down at the Dempster Highway
It’s great to be able to keep an eye on the car from the summit
There is our rust coloured KIA Soul next to the RV
The next mountain to the east could also be called ‘Goldensides’
Enjoying my perch with a view of the entire park
One final view from the summit before heading down

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