Grizzly Lake and Twin Lake Viewpoint – Tombstone

Following a pleasant night’s stay at the roadside campground in Tombstone, we had an early start for our backpack into the Grizzly Lake campsite. Despite the park ranger telling us that ‘most people take 8-10 hours to hike in to Grizzly Lake’ we arrived around 3pm, just in time to pitch the tent before the rain started. I don’t think this is because we are particularly fast hikers (we began at 9am) but rather that the average hiker should expect to spend 6-8 hours hiking in, with the occasional person needing 8-10 hours.
We napped in the tent for nearly two hours while the rain fell, then once it let up we hiked up to the Twin Lake viewpoint. This evening ramble was around three hours round trip, taking us to a wonderful view of Mount Monolith and the Tombstone Range. The fog socked in overnight, and the mountains disappeared from view during our hike out, with the exception of a few minutes just before we retreated behind the final ridge towards the car park.

01_Grizzly GE
Route from the Dempster Highway to Grizzly Lake
02_Twin View GE
Route from the Grizzly Lake camp site to the Twin Lake viewpoint
Beautiful terrain near the highpoint
Looking down on the Grizzly Valley
The Tombstone Range comes into view
We’re almost at the camp site now
Checking the weather forecast
A high overcast sky leads us to explore the ridge leading to the Twin Lake viewpoint
A gentle ridge walk awaits (with a few steep sections)
Looking back towards Grizzly Lake and a small tarn
What a view of Mount Monolith and the Tombstone Range (click image for a larger version)
Alpine flowers in bloom
One last look at the Tombstone Range before we hike out to the car

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