Mount Jefferson

Following a summer of epic travels, including trips to the Yukon Territory & Alaska, New Brunswick & Maine, Newfoundland, and driving across the prairies to Waterton Lakes National Park and back, I was about due for a New Hampshire vacation! So when Labour Day weekend came around, I drove down to North Conway for two nights of relaxing, and a single hike up Mount Jefferson via the Caps Ridge Trail. I had done this trail before, back in 2008, but spent most of my time in the clouds with zero visibility. This trip was much more pleasant, and I shared the trail with a good number of people!

The Caps Ridge trailhead is the highest elevation trailhead in the White Mountains (along a seasonal road that is closed in winter)
The first 40 minutes or so are spent in the trees, but soon you emerge onto a sharp ridge line with great views
Looking to the east you will notice the ‘Castles’, along the Castle Ridge Trail
Caps in the foreground and to the right. Mount Jefferson’s false summit is in the centre of the frame, in the background
Many cairns mark the route, which borders on a scramble at times
The summit of Mount Washington peers out from behind Mount Clay
Once atop Mount Jefferson, views open up towards Mount Adams

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