Grizzly Peak

Following yesterday’s big outing up Storm Mountain in Kootenay, I wanted to just sleep all day. The weather forecast however was too good to pass up, so I met my knees halfway and opted for a short and easy scramble up Grizzly Peak in Kananaskis. Grizzly Peak is an unofficial name for an otherwise nameless peak lying just east of Highway 40, between Grizzly and Hood creeks. I would highly recommend this trip, as the view-t0-toil ratio is quite good. There is basically a trail leading most of the way to the top, and the summit is broad enough to get one’s own space even on a crowded day. Make sure to explore the summit thoroughly, walking from the south end to the north as the views change quite a lot depending on your position.

Park off the shoulder of Highway 40 just south of Grizzly Creek day use area, and follow the path on the north side of Ripple Rock Creek (unsigned)
Grizzly Peak and Opal Ridge as seen from the Fortress ski resort road
Almost immediately the view of the Kananaskis Range opens up across the highway
The scenery on the south side of Grizzly Peak is fantastic
Nearly all sides of Grizzly Peak are steep and imposing
The terrain eases up in grade upon reaching a beautiful alpine meadow. The summit is very close now, but this is still a great spot for a lunch break!
Myosotis alpestris (Alpine Forget-me-not)
Looking down on the meadowlands from one of Grizzly Peak’s outlying summits
Incredible strata on the south side of the Opal Ridge
The craggy spires of Mount Blane, Elpoca, and Wintour to the south
Nothing beats a nap above 2500 metres!

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