Mount Baldy

As the weather shaped up to be even hotter than yesterday, I decided to do something nearby and quick. Mount Baldy, near Barrier Lake in Kananaskis fit the bill. A moderate scramble with some exposure on an exciting ridge offers enough entertainment, but the round trip only took me 3 hours and 45 minutes. I was back at home sipping a beer by 1pm!

The route starts at a gravel pullout 1.6km south of the Barrier Lake picnic area (at the south end of Barrier Lake)
Views open up nearly immediately over Barrier Lake
About halfway to the top the route branches left out of the trees and on to the ridge
Shortly after achieving the ridge, you are faced with an exposed down climb (the crux)
Flintstones sofa and fire pit en route to the summit
I ascended directly up the gendarme. The holds are good through a crack in the slab, but it can feel intimidating without a rope. I opted to detour around the gendarme on descent.
Above the gendarme, the way is fairly straightforward to the summit
Common Wild Rose (rosa woodsii)
Summit view overlooking the north part of Barrier Lake (looking East)
Another view from the summit, looking west towards Nakiska ski area

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