Mount Edith Traverse

Mount Edith is an outing that I have had on my radar for a while now. Many elements conspire to make this an enjoyable scramble. The mountain is close to Banff, is easily accessed via a popular hiking trail, and three summits, each with its own distinct features, can be reached in a single traverse from north […]

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Dolomite Peak

My friend used to work at the Num-ti-jah Lodge. I recall his stories of clients scrambling up Dolomite Peak; the very name itself conjuring up images of exotic Alps. I have learned a valuable lesson this year: all Rocky Mountain climbing guidebooks speak of legendary ‘altered limestone’ that is ‘solid and improved’ – all of it […]

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Tent Ridge

It probably would have taken me years to find out about this gem, but thanks to the advice of some good friends, I had the opportunity to join in this amazing ridge walk in Kananaskis. Tent Ridge is so enjoyable due to its horseshoe shape, and prime location amidst a smattering of dramatic peaks, including […]

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Mount Cheops

The approach to Mount Cheops’ west ridge (Facile, Class 2) involves following the Balu Pass trail from behind the Rogers Pass visitor’s centre to its end, then some route finding through pleasant forest to the base of the west ridge. The Balu Pass trail had either not been a priority, or had been closed due […]

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Avalanche Mountain

While I have been spoiled over the past two months, living in Canmore and scrambling in the Rockies, it was a special treat for me to head to Rogers Pass and Glacier National Park this weekend. I have done a good deal of hiking in the birthplace of North American mountaineering (including the Perley Rock, […]

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Big Sister

While sipping on a beer later that afternoon on the shore of Johnson Lake I described my ascent of Big Sister. “You mean like the Three Sisters?” Someone said. “Yeah”. “What are the names of the other sisters?” “Well there’s Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Sister”. “Are they harder to climb the bigger they […]

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