Tent Ridge

It probably would have taken me years to find out about this gem, but thanks to the advice of some good friends, I had the opportunity to join in this amazing ridge walk in Kananaskis. Tent Ridge is so enjoyable due to its horseshoe shape, and prime location amidst a smattering of dramatic peaks, including The Fist, Mount Smuts, and Mount Shark. There is even a sustained section where Mount Assiniboine rises up to greet you (at least if the weather is favourable). The crux of this outing is negotiating the crowds at the various high points along the ridge, and maybe a bit of route finding due to braided trails.

The loop can be completed either in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. We did it clockwise
Entering the meadows beneath the ridge. Soon we branch up to the left and switchback onto the ridge
Ant-like hikers appear all along the ridge. Indicative of the trail’s popularity
Once on the ridge, and aside from one scrambly section, you can put it in cruise control all the way around the horseshoe. Spray Lakes in the background
The Fist rears up, with Mount Smuts over its righthand shoulder
A relaxing spot for lunch!
We’re now halfway around the horseshoe
A communications tower sits on the ridge crest near the halfway point
The view changes when we hit the west side of the horseshoe
We get a good view of Mount Assiniboine, however its summit is in the clouds

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