Mount Edith Traverse

Mount Edith is an outing that I have had on my radar for a while now. Many elements conspire to make this an enjoyable scramble. The mountain is close to Banff, is easily accessed via a popular hiking trail, and three summits, each with its own distinct features, can be reached in a single traverse from north to south. The weather threatened at times, but it only began pouring rain as I switched out my hiking boots for sandals in the parking lot!

The route begins at the Fireside picnic area along highway 1A. Follow the signage to Cory Pass, then angle up right to get to the north summit
Nearing Cory Pass after roughly two hours. Mount Cory is to the left
The ever incredible Mount Louis comes in to view
One must scramble up one of two south facing chimneys in order to make their way through a cliff band that protects the north summit. I chose the narrower, rightmost chimney
The view looking back down the chimney
The view of Mount Louis, Forty Mile Creek, and part of the Vermillion Range (right) from the north summit of Mount Edith
Looking back at the north summit while en route to the centre summit
Standing on the centre summit now, looking back at the north peak, and Mount Louis in the distance
Mount Edith centre summit en route to its south summit
The south summit is the most challenging scramble, with some delicate moves through a rock tunnel (seen here at a distance), and a heave up onto rocks behind a flake in the upper section
Mount Rundle and the Bow River from the south summit
Taking the time to admire Mount Cory again from the south summit of Mount Edith

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