Mount Niles

The scramble up Mount Niles begins with an easy hike to Sherbrooke Lake. An excellent trail continues along the east shore of the lake, then climbs past scenic waterfalls to a spectacular amphitheatre beneath the southern face of Mount Niles. From here, one follows the obvious drainage to the extensive Niles Meadows. Snaking your way through a colourful Yoho boulder field towards a pinnacle on the skyline, the route steepens. The shale is loose in places in the upper section, but there are no difficulties in reaching the summit. I would suggest the only things that may make the grade ‘moderate’ are the overall length of the trip (23km), and Niles’ somewhat remote location.

The route up Mount Niles begins at the Great Divide Lodge on Wapta Lake
Full moon over Ha Ling Peak as I leave Canmore
Mount Niles rears up above the end of Sherbrooke Lake
Interesting reflections in Sherbrooke Lake
Looking back south from the north end of Sherbrooke Lake. Mountains of the Louise and O’Hara groups come into view
Mount Niles from the amphitheatre. The ascent gully and pinnacle are visible towards the left of centre
Taking a drink in Niles Meadow
Entering steep rubble slopes near the skyline pinnacle
Looking back down into the meadow and valley from the pinnacle
A precariously balanced summit cairn
The Daly Glacier and the Waputik Icefield from the summit. Oh, and Mount Balfour is on the left!
Mount Daly
The grey/green pool in the lower right corner drains into the Yoho Valley as Takakkaw Falls. Practically the entire Iceline trail route can be seen below the glaciers in the distance
Detail of crevasses on the Daly Glacier
Waterfall along the route back to Sherbrooke Lake

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