Mount Sparrowhawk

Winter has come early to the alpine of the Canadian Rockies. On this Kananaskis outing, the snow line began around 2300 metres, and became persistently more dense until the 3100 metre summit. A cool and grey day in the valley turned into a full fledged whiteout with 80km/h wind near the summit. Hopefully my next visit to this peak will afford better views.

The route begins at the Sparrowhawk day use area along the Spray Lakes, and follows an obvious line to the left of Read’s Ridge towards the summit
Golden larches, with a dusting of snow
Coming alongside the striking Read’s Ridge
Hiking through wet snow began around 2300 metres
Read’s Ridge in the foreground, and a fast approaching ceiling of cloud
Hoar frost on a stone part way up the final ascent slope
Spectral climbers in whiteout conditions near the summit
A distinct horizon gave hope for clearing conditions
The clouds parted for a brief moment, giving way to this impressive view of the summit block
On the descent, the Spray Lakes panorama became visible once again

3 thoughts on “Mount Sparrowhawk

  1. October 25 we just did Sparrowhawk today and it was gorgeous! Clear sky no wind, hope your next attempt is likewise.

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