Panorama Ridge

It was a rare day for mid-October in the Rockies. Sunny and much warmer than average. Parks Canada closed the Moraine Lake Road on October 13th, so the possibility of cycling up to the lake, and having an iconic Canadian view all to myself was too great to pass up. While I was up there, I figured I would hike in to lower Consolation Lake and scramble up Panorama Ridge, before returning to my bike, gaining a bit more altitude, and then letting it rip downhill on the Moraine Lake Highline trail. This was a big day out, with over 1500 metres of elevation gain in total, and 37 kilometres of distance, but was all worth it, given the rare opportunity to enjoy these sites in peace and quiet in ideal conditions.

I followed the Moraine Lake road up, stashed my bike in the bush, then hiked in to Consolation Lake, scrambled up Panorama Ridge, then descended by bike via the Moraine Lake Highline
No cars allowed in the Moraine Lake parking lot!
Stashing the bike in the woods before starting up towards Panorama Ridge
A thin crust of ice covers part of Moraine Lake. Enjoying the iconic view in complete solitude!
Starting up the trail to Consolation Lakes, the Ten Peaks loom behind me
Looking up the avalanche gully that provides access to Panorama Ridge. I needed to cross Babel Creek to get to this point
The east face of Mount Temple, with Tower of Babel on the left
Mount Fay rearing up on the ascent of Panorama Ridge
Snowy Mount Quadra comes into view
Standing on the summit looking north
Summit looking south
The hares are starting to change into their winter colours
Sun setting on the Valley of Ten Peaks along the Highline

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