Mount Carnarvon

This scramble is described by Kane as possibly the best in the area surrounding Field in Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies. I must agree. The well-graded forested approach, and solid rock made it feel like alpine climbing in the Selkirks, and the summit view was so comprehensive you could actually see the Selkirks! Despite elevation gain in the order of 1700 metres, the maintained trail to Hamilton Lake makes for a fast and relatively painless approach. The worst part is getting from Hamilton Lake onto the ridge. Once on top of the ridge crest, the scrambling is phenomenal. A small tricky section requires some route finding in the uppermost part of the summit block, but overall the way up was obvious. Highly recommended!

The route, starting from Emerald Lake parking area
Mount Carnarvon on the left, Top Hat right of centre
wow, look at that ridge line!!
Hamilton Lake from the point where I attained the ridge crest
Outstanding scrambling on solid rock. Is this really Yoho National Park?!
The angle is fairly steep, but sticking to the ridge provided solid scrambling
traversing this block was the crux. I was travelling solo, so I decided to cut across around the snowfields, but it could be possible to continue following the ridge line
All sorts of things come into view! Goodsir Towers, the Purcells and Selkirs, further to the right out of frame was the Mummery Group!
Summit view looking northeast
Summit view looking southwest
The Emerald Glacier
Remnants of a cornice

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