Bow Peak 2016

It had been four years since I summited Bow Peak. Smoke from forest fires dulled the landscape at that time, and the outing was enjoyable, but did not make the greatest impression on me. I will admit that as a photographer, light is everything. This time around, we had dramatic conditions, and the visibility was exceptional. We must have spent an hour just sitting on the summit and enjoying the view – the way it should be all the time. The folks I was hiking with were impressed by how distinct the trail was, given the fact that it is not an officially maintained trail. Some people may be turned off by the initial fording of the Bow River (and certainly this could be hazardous in early spring or after heavy rains), but others will embrace this as an opportunity to swim!

A word of caution, random tourists will see you parking at the pullout just south of the Crowfoot Glacier viewpoint, and will follow suit! There were a great number of cars at the pullout, but very few people on the trail itself
Nearing the high point of the pass separating Bow Peak from Crowfoot Mountain. Looks like we’re hiking on Mars
Ascending the talus and boulders on the way to the ridge crest. Bow Lake in the background
The struggle eases once on top of the ridge
Enjoying the view and having lunch on top of the ridge. The summit is around 30 minutes away from this point
Mount Balfour
Mount Hector in the distance
Hector Lake
I was not so bold as to follow my friend

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